Breaking: #61890 - TBE Styling removed from FormEngine and TCA

See forge#61890


The styling functionality of FormEngine was based on a mixture of loose variables within $GLOBALS['TBE_STYLES'] overridden by hardcoded values in various Backend PHP classes. This setup, additionally mixed with CSS classes that followed a very complicated syntax to render certain fields differently, has been removed in order to allow Backend styling for FormEngine completely based on CSS/LESS.


Using the following CSS classes within FormEngine don't have any effect anymore:

  • class-main
  • class-main1
  • class-main2
  • class-main3
  • class-main4
  • class-main5
  • class-main11
  • class-main12
  • class-main13
  • class-main14
  • class-main15
  • class-main21
  • class-main22
  • class-main23
  • class-main24
  • class-main25
  • class-main31
  • class-main32
  • class-main33
  • class-main34
  • class-main35
  • class-main41
  • class-main42
  • class-main43
  • class-main44
  • class-main45
  • class-main51
  • class-main52
  • class-main53
  • class-main54
  • class-main55
  • wrapperTable
  • wrapperTable1
  • wrapperTable2
  • wrapperTable3
  • wrapperTable4
  • wrapperTable5
  • formField
  • formField1
  • formField2
  • formField3
  • formField4
  • formField5

Additionally, the following keys of $TBE_STYLES have no effect anymore:

  • $TBE_STYLES['colorschemes']
  • $TBE_STYLES['styleschemes']
  • $TBE_STYLES['borderschemes']

They can safely removed from any third party extension.

The 5th parameter defining custom styleschemes in any field defined in $TCA[mytable][types][mytype][showitem] or $TCA[mytable][palettes][mypalette][showitem] has no effect anymore and can be removed from any third party extension (e.g. myfield;mylabel;usedpalette;extraDefinition;stylescheme).

Any styling is now done solely via LESS.

Affected installations

A TYPO3 instance is affected if a 3rd party extension uses the CSS classes for styling or dynamic HTML via JavaScript.


Use the available CSS classes for custom styling and modifying FormEngine. Clean up any custom TCA definitions with a stylescheme in 3rd party extensions, where the fifth parameter of a field definition in $TCA[mytable][types][mytype][showitem] or $TCA[mytable][palettes][mypalette][showitem] is used.