Breaking: #61959 - Move flash message output to alerts

See forge#61959


Flash messages are now styled by using the native CSS classes of Twitter Bootstrap. The changed classes are:

  • "typo3-message message-notice" => "alert alert-notice"
  • "typo3-message message-information" => "alert alert-info"
  • "typo3-message message-ok" => "alert alert-success"
  • "typo3-message message-warning" => "alert alert-warning"
  • "typo3-message message-error" => "alert alert-danger"


Extensions which use the old classes like "typo3-message message-information" rely on deprecated CSS classes which might lead to non styled output.

Affected installations

Any installation that uses the HTML of flash messages without calling the API.


Change the used CSS classes to the new ones.