Breaking: #62038 - Deprecated DocumentTemplate functionality

See forge#62038


The Backend/DocumentTemplate class contains various options that have no effect in the core anymore:

$doc->JScodeLibArray $doc->docType (as rendering is always as HTML5 by default) $doc->inDocStyles (use inDocStylesArray) $doc->inDocStyles_TBEstyle (now used as inDocStylesArray[tbeStyle] $doc->charset (always utf-8)

The methods $doc->formatTime() and $doc->menuTable() have also been deprecated as they are not used anymore.


Extensions that still use the properties of DocumentTemplate will not see any changes in the output of the code anymore.

Affected installations

A TYPO3 instance is affected if a 3rd party extension uses the unused variables.


The variables can be removed safely, any modifications is possible via hooks in DocumentTemplate.