Breaking: #62673 - Deprecated extbase code is removed

See forge#62673



You may no longer use bound variables without using a prepared statement.


Support for old view configuration options templateRootPath, layoutRootPath and partialRootPath is dropped. Use the new options with fallback mechanism.

Removed PHP classes

  • QueryObjectModelConstantsInterface

  • QueryObjectModelFactoryInterface

Removed PHP class members

  • ActionController::$viewObjectNamePattern is removed without replacement

  • Repository::$backend is removed, use persistence manager instead

Removed PHP methods

  • ObjectManager::create() is removed, use ObjectManager::get() instead

  • ObjectManagerInterface::create() is removed

  • PersistenceGenericBackend::replaceObject() is removed without replacement

  • QuerySettingsInterface::setReturnRawQueryResult() is removed without replacement

  • QuerySettingsInterface::getReturnRawQueryResult() is removed, use the parameter on $query->execute() directly

  • Typo3QuerySettings::setSysLanguageUid() is removed, use setLanguageUid() instead

  • Typo3QuerySettings::getSysLanguageUid() is removed, use getLanguageUid() instead


A call to any of the aforementioned methods by third party code will result in a fatal PHP error.

Affected installations

Any installation which contains third party code still using these deprecated methods.


Replace the calls with the suggestions outlined above.