Feature: #61489 - Allow own TypoScript Condition implementations

See forge#61489


It is now possible to add own TypoScript conditions via a separate API.

An extension / package can now ship an implementation of a new abstract class AbstractCondition. Via the existing TypoScript Condition Syntax the class is called by the simple full namespaced class name. The class's main function "matchCondition" can flexibly evaluate any parameters given after the class name.



[BigCompanyName\TypoScriptLovePackage\BennisTypoScriptCondition = 7]

[BigCompanyName\TypoScriptLovePackage\BennisTypoScriptCondition = 7, != 6]

[BigCompanyName\TypoScriptLovePackage\BennisTypoScriptCondition = {$mysite.myconstant}]

where the TypoScript Condition class deals with =/!= etc itself.


If you've previously used the "userFunc" condition, you are encouraged to use this new API for your own TypoScript conditions.