Breaking: #63464 - Remove include_once inclusions inside ModuleFunctions

See forge#63464


The functionality to include PHP files within module functions (e.g. info module) via an include_once array has been removed. The API did not use the include_once array anymore and certain places were marked as deprecated since TYPO3 CMS 6.2. All module functions are using the common autoloading functionality via namespaced classes.

The following include_once arrays within the following modules have been removed:

  • Web => Page

  • Web => Page - New Content Element Wizard

  • Web => Functions

  • Web => Info

  • Web => Template

  • Web => Recycler

  • User => Task Center

  • System => Scheduler


Any non-API usage of the include_once array in any custom module function will fail.

Affected installations

Any installation with an extension using the property $include_once to load additional files via direct access instead of using the API via ExtensionManagementUtility::insertModuleFunction().


Use the autoloader to load any custom classes inside your code, or any hooks if available in the custom module functions to include any file.