Breaking: #63687 - Web=>Functions=>Wizards moved to legacy extension

See forge#63687


Within the "Web" => "Functions" module was a nested layer called "Wizards" where "Sort pages" and "Bulk-create new pages" resided until TYPO3 CMS 7.1. These are now moved directly underneath "Web" => "Functions", so the "Wizards" module function becomes obsolete, and with it the whole extension called "func_wizards" that provided this nested layer. The module function "Wizards" has been moved to the legacy extension EXT:compatibility6. The extension "func_wizards" has been completely removed from the core.


The existing "Functions" provided by the TYPO3 CMS Core are now directly dependant and hooked into "Web" => "Functions". Any extensions using "Web" => "Functions" => "Wizards" will not show up anymore.

Affected installations

TYPO3 CMS 7 installations need EXT:compatibility6 extension loaded if old extensions are still hooked into "Web" => "Functions" => "Wizards".


Any extension hooking into "Web" => "Functions" => "Wizards" need to be adapted. In their ext_tables.php the insertModuleFunction call does not need to have a 5th parameter given. EXT:compatibility6 is then no longer needed.