Breaking: #52705 - Default log configuration is changed

See forge#52705


FileWriter behavior has changed

The FileWriter of the logging Framework now appends a hash to its default log file which is used when no log file name is provided in the configuration.

The new default log file might now look like this (the hash depends on the current encryption key):


Default configuration has changed

For security reasons we want the default log file of TYPO3 to contain a random hash to make guessing the file name harder.

Therefore the logFile configuration is removed for the default FileWriter configuration.

Additionally the "deprecated" FileWriter configuration is removed because it is not used by the core.


If the log file configuration is not overwritten the TYPO3 default log file will change from typo3temp/logs/typo3.log to typo3temp/logs/typo3_<hash>.log.

Installations with Extensions making use of the changed / removed log configurations might break.

Affected Installations

All instances that expect the default log file to be typo3temp/logs/typo3.log for some reason.

All instances that expect the logFile configuration to be present in the writerConfiguration for some reason.

All instances that use the "deprecated" log configuration in their Extensions.

All instances that use Extensions which extend the FileWriter and access the $defaultLogFile class property which is replaced by $defaultLogFileTemplate and the getDefaultLogFileName() method.


Adjust the log configuration according to your needs in your LocalConfiguration.php.

Adjust any Extension code affected by the changes if needed.