Feature: #68094 - Database Query DataProcessor

See forge#68094


A new Database Query DataProcessor has been introduced, which can be used to fetch data from the Database to be handled by a ContentObject implementing the processors, e.g. the FLUIDTEMPLATE ContentObject.

The Database Query Processor works like the code from the Content Object CONTENT, except for just handing over the result as array. A FLUIDTEMPLATE can then simply iterate over processed data automatically.

tt_content.mycontent.20 = FLUIDTEMPLATE
tt_content.mycontent.20 {
	file = EXT:myextension/Resources/Private/Templates/ContentObjects/MyContent.html

	dataProcessing.10 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\DatabaseQueryProcessor
	dataProcessing.10 {
		# regular if syntax
		if.isTrue.field = records

		# the table name from which the data is fetched from
		# + stdWrap
		table = tt_address

		# All properties from .select can be used directly
		# + stdWrap
		colPos = 1
		pidInList = 13,14

		# The target variable to be handed to the ContentObject again, can be used
		# in Fluid e.g. to iterate over the objects. defaults to "records" when not defined
		# + stdWrap
		as = myrecords

		# The fetched records can also be processed by DataProcessors.
		# All configured processors are applied to every row of the result.
		dataProcessing {
			10 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\FilesProcessor
			10 {
				references.fieldName = image

In the Fluid template then iterate over the files:

<f:for each="{myrecords}" as="record">
		<f:image image="{record.files.0}" />
		<a href="{record.data.www}">{record.data.first_name} {record.data.last_name}</a>