Feature: #84740 - Make indexed_search ready for GDPR

See forge#84740


The following features have been added to the extension indexed_search to make it compatible with the GDPR law:

Add table `index_stat_search` to the available garbage collector tasks

Entries of the table index_stat_search can now be deleted after a given amount of days by using the scheduler task Table garbage collection of the extension scheduler.

Make the IP tracking configurable

Every successful search is tracked in the table index_stat_search which includes the IP address of the client as well. The \TYPO3\CMS\Core\Utility\IpAnonymizationUtility is now used to mask the IP. The level of privacy can be configured in the extension configuration in the Install Tool with the setting trackIpInStatistic. By default it is set to 2, which means that the host and subnet are masked.


Configure your installation as needed. Define the tracking of the IP address and the removal of not needed search statistics.