Deprecation: #70514 - dynamicConfigFile is deprecated

See forge#70514


The TCA configuration dynamicConfigFile within the ctrl section of a table has been marked as deprecated and must not be used any longer.


Using dynamicConfigFile within the ctrl section of a table will trigger a deprecation log entry.


The setting is typically used in ext_tables.php files of extensions. The table configuration (TCA) must be moved to an own file in Configuration/TCA/<table_name>.php. The dynamicConfigFile setting isn't needed anymore since the whole TCA array definition is in this file.

Furthermore, any other TCA manipulation of third party tables must be moved to Configuration/TCA/Overrides and no TCA setting must remain in ext_tables.php. This is highly encouraged since TYPO3 CMS 6.2 already for performance reasons. If this change is not applied to extensions, extension compatibility6 must be loaded or further migration may not be applied to this portion of TCA leading to all sorts of possible issues.