Important: #71126 - Allow to define multiple inlineLocalizeSynchronize commands

See forge#71126


The inlineLocalizeSynchronize command in DataHandler currently supports these formats:

  • [parent][13][inlineLocalizeSynchronize] = field,14
  • [parent][13][inlineLocalizeSynchronize] = field,localize
  • [parent][13][inlineLocalizeSynchronize] = field,synchronize

The current string configuration format is changed to be an array, legacy configurations are converted to the new format:

[parent][13][inlineLocalizeSynchronize] = [
  field: name of the parent field,
  language: id of the target language,
  action: either "localize" or "synchronize",
  ids: array of child-ids to be localized [1, 2, 3]

Either "action" or "ids" must be defined.