Breaking: #72392 - Removed deprecated code from DocumentTemplate

See forge#72392


Remove deprecated code from DocumentTemplate

The following properties have been removed:

JScodeLibArray docType inDocStyles endJS bgColor bgColor2 bgColor3 bgColor4 bgColor5 bgColor6 hoverColor backGroundImage inDocStyles_TBEstyle parseTimeFlag charset

The following methods have been removed:

getPageRenderer() wrapClickMenuOnIcon() issueCommand() formatTime() parseTime() spacer() endPageJS() dfw() rfw() table() menuTable() getDynamicTabMenu() getDynTabMenu() getDynTabMenuId() collapseableSection()


Using the methods above directly in any third party extension will result in a fatal error.

Affected Installations

Instances which use calls to any of the above mentioned methods.


For wrapClickMenuOnIcon() use BackendUtility::wrapClickMenuOnIcon() instead. For issueCommand() use BackendUtility::getLinkToDataHandlerAction() instead. For formatTime() and parseTime() use the corresponding methods in BackendUtility. For rfw() and dfw() use proper HTML directly instead. For getDynamicTabMenu() use getDynamicTabMenu() from ModuleTemplate instead. For collapseableSection() use HTML bootstrap classes, localStorage etc.