Breaking: #72398 - Removed deprecated code from EXT:recordlist

See forge#72398


The following deprecated methods have been removed:

  • RecordList::printContent()
  • ElementBrowserFramesetController::printContent()

The following deprecated data members have been removed:

  • RecordList::$MCONF

Support for multiple UIDs in the URL parameter act in AbstractLinkBrowserController::initVariables() has been removed.


Using the methods or variables above directly in any third party extension will result in a fatal error.

Affected Installations

Instances which use custom calls to RecordList, AbstractLinkBrowserController, ElementBrowserFramesetController via the methods above, or use one of the variables mentioned above.


$MCONF no replacement for this RecordList::printContent() use RecordList::mainAction() instead AbstractLinkBrowserController::initVariables() no replacement for using multiple UIDs ElementBrowserFramesetController::printContent() use ElementBrowserFramesetController::mainAction() instead