Breaking: #72399 - Removed deprecated code from BackendUtility

See forge#72399


Remove deprecated code from BackendUtility

The following methods have been removed:

getExcludeFields() getExplicitAuthFieldValues() getSystemLanguages() getRegisteredFlexForms() implodeTSParams() getThumbNail() helpTextIcon() getUrlToken() exec_foreign_table_where_query() replaceMarkersInWhereClause() RTEgetObj() countVersionsOfRecordsOnPage() getPathType_web_nonweb() isTableMovePlaceholderAware()


Using the methods above directly in any third party extension will result in a fatal error.

Affected Installations

Instances which use custom calls to one of the above mentioned methods.


For helpTextIcon() use cshItem() instead. For isTableMovePlaceholderAware() use isTableWorkspaceEnabled() directly. For countVersionsOfRecordsOnPage() use \TYPO3\CMS\Workspaces\Service\WorkspaceService::hasPageRecordVersions to check for record versions.