Breaking: #72783 - Removed RTE transformation option preserveTables

See forge#72783


The RTE transformation option preserveTables that allowed keeping HTML table tags and their contents has been removed.

Additionally, the methods RteHtmlParser->removeTables and HtmlParser->getAllParts have been removed without substitution.


When the RTE is configured to use overruleMode = ts instead of the default "ts_css" the option RTE.default.proc.preserveTables = 1 will have no effect anymore.

Calling RteHtmlParser->removeTables or HtmlParser->getAllParts inside a custom extension will result in a fatal PHP error.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 instance with a legacy-mode (overruleMode = ts) from TYPO3 3.x or an extension doing custom transformations by using RteHtmlParser->removeTables.


Use the overruleMode ts_css instead which keeps the tables as they are. If tables should be disallowed inside the RTE the option RTE.default.proc.denyTags := addToList(table) can be used instead.