Breaking: #72826 - Removed custom charset configuration for locales

See forge#72826


The TYPO3 Frontend resolved the TypoScript option config.locale_all and stored the charset part within $TSFE->localeCharset. If the option locale_all did not provide a charset (e.g. when it is set to de_AT instead of de_AT.UTF-8 a "best guess" was done based on a static list set up in 2004.

The option $TSFE->localeCharset has been removed, along with the following calculation options and methods available in the CharsetConverter class:

  • CharsetConverter->lang_to_script
  • CharsetConverter->script_to_charset_unix
  • CharsetConverter->script_to_charset_windows
  • CharsetConverter->locale_to_charset
  • CharsetConverter->get_locale_charset()

The localeCharset option was solely used within the TypoScript functionality stdWrap.strftime when no custom character set was given, and a character set conversion from the "localeCharset" (based on the best guess or explicitly set via config.locale_all = de_AT.UTF-8 and it was different than the renderCharset option of the TYPO3 Frontend.


When custom locales are configured in TypoScript which are not present on the server, or the character set of config.locale_all differs from the config.renderCharset, or config.locale_all does not set a character set, could lead to unexpected output in the TYPO3 Frontend.

Affected Installations

Instances which have a different config.locale_all character set given than set via config.renderCharset, or on servers that don't have the charset of the locale available but the output should be a certain but not given character set.


As this is a misconfiguration and only necessary if e.g. can not handle UTF-8 locales, config.set_locale can explicitly be set to de_AT@iso-8859-15 and the output should be renderCharset. On instances where stdWrap.strftime is used, the subproperty charset can be set to the custom character set (e.g. iso-8859-15).

In each case, it should be configured that the config.locale_all option should have a character set given, to avoid any side-effects with the TypoScript stdWrap option strftime.