Breaking: #72861 - EXT:form - Remove deprecated code

See forge#72861


The compatibility layer of EXT:form has been removed. The layer made sure that EXT:form acts almost like in TYPO3 6.2. This mainly applies to the layout configuration and rendering. In the former days integrators could use .layout settings on different levels to change the output of the form elements in the frontend. Nowadays, changing the frontend output is only possible by utilizing own fluid templates.

Furthermore the SELECT, TEXTAREA and TEXTBLOCK elements have been adjusted. The automatic transformation of the .data (SELECT, TEXTAREA) and .content (TEXTBLOCK) attribute has been removed. That way .text is the only valid attribute for adding a human readable text to the above mentioned elements.


Using .layout will have no effect anymore.

Using the .data attribute for SELECT, TEXTAREA and .content for TEXTBLOCK elements will also have no effect.

Affected Installations

Any installation using .layout and/ or .data and/ or .content settings. Most of the older installations (mainly 6.2 LTS) will be affected when upgrading to 8 LTS.


All .layout settings have to be removed and ported to own fluid templates.

All occurrences of the .data and .content attribute have to be substituted by .text.