Breaking: #73794 - renderCharset option removed

See forge#73794


The TypoScript option config.renderCharset which was used as character set for internal conversion within a frontend request has been removed, as internal conversions are always set to UTF-8 now. The property $TSFE->renderCharset is now always set to utf-8, and is not used within the TYPO3 Core anymore.

Please note that it is still possible to define the character set of the returned content via config.metaCharset.


Using TYPO3 with a different datasource which is not UTF-8 (e.g. a database with latin1) might return unexpected results. Non-UTF-8 databases work as expected if the connection charset is still UTF-8, as the DBMS takes care of converting the data to UTF-8.

Affected Installations

Any installation that uses the config.renderCharset TypoScript option with a different value than utf-8.


Remove the TypoScript option from any TypoScript settings. If data sources (files, database input) are used that are different than UTF-8, a manual conversion via the CharsetConverter PHP class is needed.