Breaking: #76155 - ViewHelper Namespace imports with xmlns are now singular

See forge#76155


Fluid templates which use multiple ´<div xmlns:xyz="...">` in one template file are affected. Only the first such node is now detected and respected. The reasons for this new limitation are the reworked internals of Fluid since the standalone version.

Before, namespace nodes were handled internally by the TemplateParser. They worked in a way that the namespace dictated by the node would only apply inside that node.

After, namespace nodes are handled by template pre-processing and handed off to the ViewHelperResolver without going through the TemplateParser first. Since it happens in pre-processing, namespaces dictated by such nodes now apply across the entire template file.

This has two effects on template parsing:

  1. Extraction of xmlns:xyz style imports happens once and detects only a single node.
  2. Nesting no longer matters; a namespace imported with this method will apply to the entire template file since it is extracted during pre-processing and is not recursive.

Most templates will not be affected by this since the norm is already to include a single such namespace import and put it as the outermost surrounding tag, then add all imported namespaces on that single node. This usage is still fully supported.


The change affects template files which fulfill one or both of the following conditions:

  1. Any template file which contains multiple nodes with xmlns:xyz imports will see only the first node detected.
  2. Any template file which assumes an imported namespace is removed when the enclosing tag is closed and uses a previously imported namespace after the closing node will likely see errors with ViewHelper could not be resolved since Fluid will attempt to translate matching XHTML nodes with namespace prefixes to ViewHelper classes.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 8.0 and above, any site matching conditions stated in Impact.


There is one migration for each of the conditions above:

  1. Templates with multiple xmlns:xyz nodes can be migrated by combining all those nodes into one.
  2. Templates which assume a closing container tag removes the namespace will have to migrate by extracting the XHTML that collides with the Fluid namespace and placing it in a separate template file (e.g. Partial template).