Deprecation: #72827 - Module Icon configuration via [labels][tabs_images][tab]

See forge#72827


When registering a non-extbase module, the option to configure an icon was previously done with the module configuration option [labels][tabs_images][tab]. To clarify the naming, the property "icon" is introduced which expects a reference to the icon via the EXT:myextension/path/to/the/file.png syntax.

The old option [labels][tabs_images][tab] has been marked as deprecated.


When using the old configuration property [labels][tabs_images][tab], a deprecation message is thrown.

Affected Installations

Installations with custom backend non-extbase modules of third-party-extensions that still use the old configuration property.


Replace the [labels][tabs_images][tab] with [icon] in ext_tables.php in your extension like this:

        'routeTarget' => \TYPO3\CMS\Lowlevel\View\DatabaseIntegrityView::class . '::mainAction',
        'access' => 'admin',
        'name' => 'system_dbint',
        'workspaces' => 'online',
        'icon' => 'EXT:lowlevel/Resources/Public/Icons/module-dbint.svg',
        'labels' => 'LLL:EXT:lowlevel/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_mod.xlf'