Deprecation: #73728 - Wizard type colorbox is deprecated

See forge#73728


The color-picker is now available as dedicated render-type which will integrate an inline color-picker widget based on bootstrap. Thus, the old wizard type colorbox has been marked as deprecated.


Using the TCA wizard type colorbox will trigger a deprecation log entry. The possibility to pick the color from a custom image has been removed without substitution together with the possibility to use color names like "red" or "white".

Affected Installations

All TCA fields that are using the wizard type colorbox, like e.g.

$GLOBALS['TCA']['tableName']['fieldName']['config']['wizards']['colorbox'] = [
   'type' => 'colorbox',
   'script' => 'wizard_colorpicker.php',


Use the new render-type colorpicker in the TCA field configuration, like e.g.

$GLOBALS['TCA']['tableName']['fieldName']['config']['renderType'] = 'colorpicker';