Breaking: #77062 - Example image in TS constants descriptions removed

See forge#77062


In previous TYPO3 versions it was possible to add help text and an help image to a certain category or configuration option in the TypoScript Constant Editor of the TYPO3 Backend. This was previously done via an additional Constant Editor option within the TSConstantEditor object.

The functionality has been removed without substitution.

Along with that change, the following PHP methods have been removed:

  • ExtendedTemplateService::ext_getTSCE_config_image()
  • ConfigurationForm::ext_getTSCE_config_image()

The following public properties have been removed:

  • ExtendedTemplateService::$ext_localGfxPrefix
  • ExtendedTemplateService::$ext_localWebGfxPrefix

Within ConfigurationForm::ext_initTSstyleConfig() the second and third parameter have been removed.


Setting an option TSConstantEditor.basic.image = EXT:sys_note/ext_icon.png for a category or configuration option in TypoScript constants has no effect anymore.

Calling any of the removed methods will result in a fatal PHP error.

Using any of the removed properties will result in a PHP warning.

Calling ConfigurationForm::ext_initTSstyleConfig() with the second or third parameter will result in a PHP warning.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with extended TypoScript constant editor configuration.


Remove the affected TypoScript constant editor configuration code, and any reference to the removed PHP methods and properties.