Breaking: #77081 - Removed TCA tree options: width, allowRecursiveMode, autoSizeMax

See forge#77081


The following three TCA configuration options have been removed from the FormEngine TCA Tree functionality which is e.g. used within the FormEngine for the selection of categories.

TCA Column Config

  • [config][treeConfig][appearance][allowRecursiveMode]

The option hasn't been working for a while and the documentation vs. implementation was off - see forge#77074

  • [config][treeConfig][appearance][width]
  • [config][autoSizeMax]

The options have no influence on the rendering of FormEngine select field configured with 'renderType' => 'selectTree' anymore.

The Recursive selection button (the green arrow button located on the category tree toolbar) was not widely used, mostly due that nobody expected the green "refresh" icon was related to recursive selection.

When implemented 4 years ago, the purpose of this button was to ease handling of "record storage page". But now the "recursive" select box can be used for this usage.

The option autosizemax has been dropped as the size can be used as maximum height.


The recursive selection mode button is not available any longer.

The options width and autoSizeMax have no impact on the tree rendering.

The TCA Tree now fills the full width of the parent container.

Instead of using the option autoSizeMax the configuration is now using the size parameter as maximal height of the TCA tree.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation using a TCA Tree within FormEngine with one of the options above configured.


Use the size option and tune it to higher value, if it was used in combination with autoSizeMax.