Breaking: #77137 - JavaScript API of RTE changed

See forge#77137


Due to the migration of the RTE from ExtJS to Bootstrap and jQuery, some API methods have been changed or removed.


ExtJS-based plugins will throw JavaScript errors.

The following methods have been removed:

  • onContainerResize
  • getWindowDimensions
  • setTabPanelHeight
  • syncHeight

The following methods have been changed:

  • openContainerWindow
  • buildButtonConfig

Affected Installations

All installations using custom RTE plugins are affected.


The former Ext.Window objects are replaced by Bootstrap modals.

See the list below for a migration of the changed methods:

The third parameter dimensions which used to be an array has changed to height, containing an integer
The method takes now two additional arguments: active and severity. The parameter active is a boolean value and declares the button being either active or not. The parameter severity is an integer representing the severity of the button. This should always represent the severity of the modal, use one of the severities defined in TYPO3/CMS/Backend/Severity.