Breaking: #77460 - Extbase query cache removed

See forge#77460


The PHP-based query cache functionality within the Extbase persistence layer has been removed.

The following public methods within the Extbase persistence layer have been removed:

  • Typo3DbBackend->quoteTextValueCallback()
  • Typo3DbBackend->initializeObject()
  • Typo3DbBackend->injectCacheManager()
  • Interface definition in QuerySettingsInterface->getUseQueryCache()

The TypoScript configuration config.tx_extbase.persistence.useQueryCache has no effect anymore.


The according cache configuration set via $GLOBALS[TYPO3_CONF_VARS][SYS][cache][cacheConfigurations][extbase_typo3dbbackend_queries] has no effect anymore.

Affected Installations

Any installation effectively relying on the query cache via a third party extension or explicitly deactivating the query cache of extbase.


Remove the according lines and migrate to Doctrine.