Breaking: #77379 - Doctrine: Typo3DbQueryParser

See forge#77379


While migrating the database endpoint for the persistence functionality of Extbase to Doctrine DBAL, the Typo3DbQueryParser class has been completely rewritten to work on a QueryBuilder object instead of plain arrays and strings. The PHP method Typo3DbQueryParser->parseQuery() has been removed, instead the new equivalent Typo3DbQueryParser->convertQueryToDoctrineQueryBuilder() has been introduced.

Additionally, the PHP method Typo3DBBackend->injectQueryParser() has been removed, as the Typo3DbQueryParser class is not a singleton instance anymore but always rebuilt when needed.


Calling one of the methods above will result in a fatal PHP error.

Affected Installations

TYPO3 instances with custom Extbase database backend and parsing functionality.


Switch to Doctrine DBAL and Typo3DbQueryParser->convertQueryToDoctrineQueryBuilder() which results in the same behaviour.