Breaking: #77547 - Behaviour of RecordCollectionRepository::findByUid changed

See forge#77547


The behaviour of RecordCollectionRepository::findByUid() has changed. When TYPO3 is in Frontend mode, the method will now respect the configured enable fields. Instead of returning an object that is supposed to be disabled due to being hidden or having a start date in the future, or an end date in the past, it will now return null.


Using the RecordCollectionRepository expecting to fetch disabled records while TYPO3 is in Frontend mode will not yield the expected result.

Affected Installations

Any installation that uses the FILES cObject, e.g. via the uploads CType, as well as any installation with a 3rd party extension that uses the named method.


If the previous behaviour is wanted, the TCA of the used collection table needs to be overridden to not use the configured enable columns.