Deprecation: #78524 - TCA option versioning_followPages removed

See forge#78524


The option $TCA[$table][ctrl][versioning_followPages] which was used for branch versioning has been removed.

Additionally the option $TCA[$table][ctrl][versioningWS] is now cast to boolean.

The branch / page versioning functionality was removed in TYPO3 v7, but the leftover functionality code has been completely removed as well.


A deprecation message is thrown when scanning the TCA tree for these options not being properly set or removed.

Affected Installations

Any TYPO3 installation with a TCA definition as mentioned above.


Remove the setting $TCA[$table][ctrl][versioning_followPages] from any TCA definition.

If a TCA table has workspaces enabled, set the option $TCA[$table][ctrl][versioningWS] to a boolean (true/false) directly.