Breaking: #79243 - Remove l10n_mode mergeIfNotBlank

See forge#79243


The setting mergeIfNotBlank has been removed without replacement from the list of possible values of the TCA column property l10n_mode.


Previously values of a localization having a dependent parent record were taken from the parent record if l10n_mode for the particular field was set to mergeIfNotBlank and the value in the localization was empty. Now, this value is duplicated during the creation of the localized record and has to be modified manually if required.

Affected Installations

All instances with extensions setting TCA options and having $GLOBALS['TCA'][<table-name>]['columns'][<column-name>]['l10n_mode'] set to mergeIfNotBlank.


First execute the upgrade wizard Migrate values in database records having "l10n_mode" set in the install tool. After that, remove $GLOBALS['TCA'][<table-name>]['columns'][<column-name>]['l10n_mode'] if it is set to mergeIfNotBlank. If l10n_mode is removed before the upgrade wizard has been executed, nothing will be migrated - thus, it's important to keep that order of migration.

The upgrade wizard executes the following field usages:

  • inline children, pointing to sys_file_reference: file references are localized for the the localization, if missing there
  • group fields, basically not using MM intermediate tables: value is cloned to the accordant field in the localization, if empty there
  • any other field type: value is cloned to the accordant field in the localization, is blank there

The term blank refers to an empty string (''), empty refers to an empty string, null values and zero values (numeric and string).