Breaking: #80171 - Remove lib.parseFunc_RTE inline styles from parsed blockquote tag

See forge#80171


With the inline styles were removed from CSC. However, the change was not applied to FSC.


lib.parseFunc_RTE doesn't overwrite the attributes of <blockquote/> and doesn't add the style attribute anymore.

Affected Installations

All installations using the lib.parseFunc_RTE provided by EXT:fluid_styled_content where

lib.parseFunc_RTE {
   externalBlocks {
      blockquote {
         callRecursive {
            tagStdWrap {
               HTMLparser = 1
               HTMLparser.tags.blockquote.overrideAttribs = style="margin-bottom:0;margin-top:0;"

was not overwritten manually.


If your frontend relies on this inline CSS styles, make sure to add following CSS on your own:

blockquote {
   margin-top: 0;
   margin-bottom: 0;

Additionally you have to check if some other attributes are now added/preserved to <blockquote/> due the fact, that the former typoscript has removed all attributes before adding the style attribute.