Breaking: #80374 - Default content element configuration for frontend login adapts fluid styled content

See forge#80374


Default configuration for the frontend login content element was adapted to match fluid styled content instead of css styled content by default. Css styled content was adapted and works there as before.

Rendering for css styled content

tt_content.login = COA
tt_content.login {
   10 =< lib.stdheader
   20 =< plugin.tx_felogin_pi1

Rendering for fluid styled content

tt_content.login =< lib.contentElement
tt_content.login {
   templateName = Generic
   variables {
      content =< plugin.tx_felogin_pi1


Adjustments made manually to the TypoScript rendering definition of tt_content.login might not work in fluid styled content as expected.

Affected Installations

Installations that are using fluid styled content and directly modify configuration of tt_content.login.


Manual adaption is necessary.