Breaking: #81534 - Database field be_groups:hide_in_lists dropped

See forge#81534


The database field hide_in_lists of table be_groups has been dropped without substitution.

  • The property has been dropped from PHP class TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Domain\Model\BackendUserGroup along with the getter and setter methods ->setHideInList and ->getHideInList

  • The TCA column hide_in_lists has been dropped, the field is no longer configured and shown in the backend.

  • The database field definition for hide_in_lists has been dropped.


The special group configuration hide_in_lists has been removed.

Affected Installations

An instance may break in the unlikely case that an extension relies on field existence or uses the extbase model getter or setter.


The field usage should be dropped. If that is not possible and a special functionality has been bound to that field it should be mimicked by extending TCA, declaring the database field in an extension and maybe extending the extbase model.