Breaking: #83294 - Salted Passwords: Custom saltings must use the SaltInterface

See forge#83294


The salted passwords factory allowed to register custom saltings has been changed. All custom salts need to implement TYPO3\CMS\SaltedPasswords\Salt\SaltInterface. Before, this was handled by extending from TYPO3\CMS\SaltedPasswords\Salt\AbstractSalt, which has been renamed to TYPO3\CMS\SaltedPasswords\Salt\AbstractComposedSalt when the salting is implemented.


When writing custom salts for TYPO3, they need to implement the SaltInterface.

If extending from AbstractSalt, custom salt now need to extend from AbstractComposedSalt and implement the additional method getSaltLength() and isValidSalt($salt).

Affected Installations

TYPO3 installations using custom salts for EXT:saltedpasswords.


Switch to the new implemention details mentioned above, and change your custom salt to fit to the SaltInterface API.