Breaking: #83302 - Composer restricts installation of typo3/cms

See forge#83302


When running a composer-based TYPO3 instance, it is not possible anymore to require the whole TYPO3 Core via composer require typo3/cms. This package is solely used for Core-development purposes from now on.

Instead, all system extensions maintained by the TYPO3 Core Team must be required individually.

Some examples:

  • composer require typo3/cms-core:^9
  • composer require typo3/cms-fluid-styled-content:^9
  • composer require typo3/cms-extbase:^9
  • composer require typo3/cms-workspaces:^9
  • composer require typo3/cms-sys-note:^9

For convenience, TYPO3 projects can simply require composer require typo3/minimal to get the main system extensions that are needed for a running TYPO3 instance, and add custom system extensions as mentioned above.


Installing or updating the composer package typo3/cms will show an error for TYPO3 v9.

Affected Installations

Composer-based TYPO3 installations that previously required typo3/cms in the projects' composer.json file or in any required extension composer.json file.


Extension authors should specifically define their dependencies of system extensions in their composer.json file, if they have previously added typo3/cms.

Site administrators / developers should require only the necessary typo3/cms-* packages that they have installed in their projects. In order to find out, which system extensions have been installed, have a look at typo3conf/PackageStates.php and look for all extensions that are located under typo3/sysext/.