Feature: #81409 - Configurable Route Parameters

See forge#81409


Routes definitions are extended by the possibility to define default parameters. Those parameters can be overridden during the regular URI generation process.

Several AJAX routes inhibited the backend session update to not keep the session alive by periodic polling. Those skipSessionUpdate parameters have been removed from the specific URI generation invocations and moved to the central route definitions.

Default route parameters are defined in an associative key-value-array using the index parameters. This definition can be used for both, plain routes and AJAX routes.

'systeminformation_render' => [
    'path' => '/system-information/render',
    'target' => \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Backend\ToolbarItems\SystemInformationToolbarItem::class . '::renderMenuAction',
    'parameters' => [
        'skipSessionUpdate' => 1


Developers have easier and more standardized control over AJAX route parameters.