Feature: #81464 - Add API for meta tag management

See forge#81464


The page rendering class PageRenderer now offers a concise, yet simple API to manage meta tags.

It consists of the three methods:

Setting meta tags

PageRenderer->setMetaTag(string $type, string $name, string $content)

Used to add or overwrite a given meta tag.

The parameter $type accepts the values name, property or http-equiv. All other values result in an exception because those are not within the HTML specs.

The parameter $name is the value of the attribute given by $type.

For example:

will result in

Getting meta tags

PageRenderer->getMetaTag(string $type, string $name)

Used to get a given meta tag. This is useful if your extension isn't the only player that handles meta tags. So instead of blindly overwriting other peoples meta tags it is a good idea to check for their existence and provide a feature switch to decide which meta tag should get rendered.

Removing meta tags

PageRenderer->removeMetaTag(string $type, string $name)

Used to remove a meta tag from the stack.


$pageRenderer = GeneralUtility::makeInstance(PageRenderer::class);
// has meta tag been set already?
$previouslySetMetaTag = $pageRenderer->getMetaTag('property', 'og:title');
// take some decision here
if (!is_array($previouslySetMetaTag) || $yourConfigSwitchToOverwriteMetaTags) {
    $pageRenderer->setMetaTag('property', 'og:title', 'My amazing title');


Be happy with the new API.