Deprecation: #84549 - Deprecate methods in CoreVersionService

See forge#84549


The core version service has been refactored to make use of the new REST API available via

Due to that refactoring multiple methods in class CoreVersionService have been marked as deprecated:

  • getDownloadBaseUrl()

  • isYoungerPatchDevelopmentReleaseAvailable()

  • getYoungestPatchDevelopmentRelease()

  • updateVersionMatrix()


Usage of any of these methods will trigger a PHP E_USER_DEPRECATED error.

Affected Installations

Any that use the mentioned methods.


  • For getDownloadBaseUrl() use directly

  • For isYoungerPatchDevelopmentReleaseAvailable() use isYoungerPatchReleaseAvailable() as the current releases do not make use of development suffixes (like alpha or rc) anymore

  • For getYoungestPatchDevelopmentRelease() use getYoungestPatchRelease()

  • updateVersionMatrix() needs no replacement method - instead the necessary information can be fetched directly via the REST API