Feature: #83983 - Improved ModuleLinkViewHelper

See forge#83983


The class \TYPO3\CMS\Backend\ViewHelpers\ModuleLinkViewHelper has been improved by providing two additional arguments:

  • query: Allow defining query parameters also as string

  • currentUrlParameterName: The given argument is filled with the current URL

With this change it is easily possible to migrate existing custom backend route viewhelpers to this one viewhelper.

For example:


{bu:editRecord(parameters: 'edit[be_users][{backendUser.uid}]=edit&returnUrl={returnUrl}')}


{be:moduleLink(route: 'record_edit', query: 'edit[be_users][{backendUser.uid}]=edit&returnUrl={returnUrl}')}

... and the editRecord ViewHelper of be_user could be deprecated.