Feature: #84650 - Introduce fluid data processor for language menus

See forge#84650


This feature introduces a new LanguageMenuProcessor for Fluid based language menus based on the languages defined for the current site.



TypoScript if condition


A list of comma separated language IDs (e.g. 0,1,2) to use for the menu creation or auto to load from site languages


The variable to be used within the result

Example TypoScript configuration

10 = TYPO3\CMS\Frontend\DataProcessing\LanguageMenuProcessor
10 {
   languages = auto
   as = languageNavigation

Example Fluid-Template

<f:if condition="{languageNavigation}">
   <ul id="language" class="language-menu">
      <f:for each="{languageNavigation}" as="item">
         <li class="{f:if(condition: item.active, then: 'active')}{f:if(condition: item.available, else: ' text-muted')}">
            <f:if condition="{item.available}">
                  <a href="{item.link}" hreflang="{item.hreflang}" title="{item.navigationTitle}">