Breaking: #72424 - Removed deprecated TypoScriptFrontendController options and methods

See forge#72424


The following methods from TypoScriptFrontendController have been removed:

  • getPageRenderer()
  • setExternalJumpUrl()
  • jumpUrl()
  • acquirePageGenerationLock()
  • releasePageGenerationLock()
  • doXHTML_cleaning()
  • doLocalAnchorFix()
  • checkFileInclude()
  • prefixLocalAnchorsWithScript()
  • getStorageSiterootPids()

Additionally, the public properties jumpurl, JSeventFuncCalls and anchorPrefix have been removed. The request parameter jumpurl is not evaluated anymore.

The TypoScript property config.additionalHeaders has been removed.


Calling any of the PHP methods directly will result in a fatal error. Accessing the properties will result in a PHP warning. Setting the TypoScript property has no effect anymore.

Additionally, if EXT:felogin is misconfigured and lacks the storagePid property, an exception will be thrown.

Affected Installations

Any installation using the TypoScript property above, or a TYPO3 instance having third-party extensions calling the methods or properties directly.


Use the TER extension jumpurl to implement the jumpurl functionality.

Use the config.additionalHeaders subproperties (see for details) to add the additional header lines.