Breaking: #72837 - RTE transformations: Allow div sections by default and remove font-specific parsing

See forge#72837


The TSconfig RTE.default.proc options preserveDIVSections and allowedFontColors for transforming data between the Rich Text Editor and the database have been removed.

The preserveDIVSections option is now built-in by default "always on", and DIV tags are always treated as block elements.

Special handling for <font> tags is done via the regular tag processing options like any other tag.


Setting the TSconfig option RTE.default.proc.preserveDIVSections = 0 or RTE.default.proc.allowedFontColors will have no effect anymore.

Affected Installations

Any installation using custom TSconfig configurations for the RTE and using RTE.default.proc.preserveDIVSections set to 0 or RTE.default.proc.allowedFontColors to any value.


If DIV HTML elements should not treated like block elements, the RTE option RTE.proc.blockElementList can be manually customized to not include DIV elements.

If the option allowedFontColors is still needed, the existing functionality can be achieved by using the keepTags functionality to sort out correct values for a property.