There a numerous rules concerning accessibility that need to be addressed to make a form accessible to a large number of users. This includes accessibility for handicaped persons, the elderly, non-native speakers etc.

The following topics need to be addressed by the editors that create the form in the backend form editor:


Always use clear, descriptive labels in the field Label. Setting the label only in field Placeholder is not considered accessible.


You can add an extended description in the field Description.


The field Placeholder may not be used for the fields label. It can however show some example content to make filling out the field easier for users.


The property autocomplete should be used whenever personal information should be entered into the field. This property can then be used by assistive technology to aid users fill out forms. Select the desired purpose from the select Autocomplete. See Input Purposes for User Interface Components at for an explanation which purposes to use.

If additional input purposes are needed, your integrator or developer can add additional input purpose options.