Quick Start for Editors

You are an editor, your admin installed the form extension and you want to get started quickly? Follow these steps!

  1. Create a new form

    Go to the Forms module, and create a new form there. With the help of the form editor you can build appealing forms easily.

  2. Insert your form on a page

    The next step is inserting the form on the desired page(s).

    1. Open the page module in the backend.
    2. Select the desired page.
    3. Create a new content element of type "Form". You can find this one under the tab "Form Elements".
    4. Under the tab "Plugin", choose the desired form.
    5. Save the content element.
    6. Repeat steps 2 to 5 until the form is inserted on every page you want.

You can now view your form on your web site. Enjoy!