Command line tools

Certain ke_search functions can be accessed via the command line.

Run vendor/bin/typo3 ke_search to see a list of available commands.

Start the indexer

Starts the indexer. All indexer configurations will be processed. Since version 5.4.0 you'll see a visual progression of the indexing process. Add this command in the TYPO3 scheduler to run the indexer automatically (via "Execute console commands").

vendor/bin/typo3 ke_search:indexing


-m, --indexingMode[=INDEXINGMODE]  Indexing mode, either "full" (default) or "incremental". [default: "full"]

Clear the index

Clears all records from the index (truncates the table).

vendor/bin/typo3 ke_search:clearindex

Remove the indexer lock

Removes the lock which prevents the indexer from running multiple times at the same time.

vendor/bin/typo3 ke_search:removelock

Show the status of the indexer

(since version 5.4.0)

Shows the status of the indexer and if the indexer is currently running also the progress. If "mode" is set to "short", it will only show "running" or "idle".

vendor/bin/typo3 ke_search:indexerstatus


-m, --mode[=MODE]     Mode, either "full" (default) or "short". [default: "full"]