Date range filter

The date range filter allows the user to enter a start date and an end date and finds results in between these two dates.

Date range filter in the frontend

Add the date range filter

  1. Create a filter

    Create a new filter in your search storage page and set the type to "Date range". In opposite to the tag based filters there are no filter options to define.

    Add a new filter of type "date range"
  2. Add filter to search plugin

    Then add that filter to the list of filters which should be displayed in your search box plugin.

    Add the filter to the searchbox plugin

Where the date is fetched from

The date which is used for filtering is the same date which is used if the results are sorted by date. It is the field sortdate in the index table.

The page indexer fetches the date from the database field SYS_LASTCHANGED which is set by TYPO3 internally to the date when the page has been updated the last time. This can be overwritten by editors by setting the Last update field in the Metadata tab of the page properties.

The news indexer fetches the date from the "Date & Time" field of EXT:news.


Use a custom template for Partials/Filters/DateRange.html.