Multilangual support

ke_search has multilingual support in a way that

  • if one searches in a specific language, the results will only be shown for that language.

  • filters can be translated and be shown in the respective language.

Indexing content in different languages

All available languages will be detected automatically and will be indexed.

Translating search result pages

On the search result page, insert the ke_search plugins in the translated page you just created. You can use the function "copy default content elements". You can leave the configuration as it has been copied from your default language.

Translating filters

In order to use the multilingual feature for filters you'll have to

Create page translations

Create alternative page languages for the storage folder where the index and filters are stored and for your search result page. You can do that with help of the page module by using the function "Create a new translation of this page".

Translate filters and filter options

Now you can translate the filters and filteroptions to the new language.

Use your own labels

You can overwrite labels used in ke_search by registering locallangXMLOverride files.

See also

You can find the default language files in vendor/tpwd/ke_search/Resources/Private/Language and the language files for other languages in var/labels.

Copy the language files you want to modify (you dont' have to copy all the files) to your site package into the folder Resources/Private/Language/Overrides.

File structure for language file overrides

Register the files in the ext_localconf.php of your site package (assuming it's key is mysite), here an example for the file locallang_searchbox.xlf (you will have to do it for each file you want to overwrite):

// Custom translations
    = 'EXT:mysite/Resources/Private/Language/Overrides/locallang_searchbox.xlf';

// Override a German ("de") translation
    = 'EXT:mysite/Resources/Private/Language/Overrides/de.locallang_searchbox.xlf';