Avoid 404 error from cacheHash validation

In TYPO3 10.4.35/11.5.23/12.2 an option enforcevalidation has been introduced to enforce the validation of the "cHash" parameter. This is recommended to be enabled and is enabled by default for new installations, see https://docs.typo3.org/m/typo3/reference-coreapi/main/en-us/Configuration/Typo3ConfVars/FE.html#enforcevalidation

For ke_search it is not possible to calculate a cHash because ke_search uses a form using the GET method to send data and the options are modified by the user.

Therefore the default ke_search parameters are excluded in the ext_localconf.php using the ['FE']['cacheHash']['excludedParameters'] option.

If you have configured ke_search to use a different parameter for submitting the search word you will have to exclude the search word parameters manually:

  • If you have enabled the enforcevalidation option and

  • have changed the parameter for the search word using plugin.tx_kesearch_pi1.searchWordParameter


// to be used in ext_localconf.php
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['cacheHash']['excludedParameters'] = array_merge(
        'q', // e.g. if "plugin.tx_kesearch_pi1.searchWordParameter = q"


If you don't add this setting you will get the following error: 404 Page Not Found The page did not exist or was inaccessible. Reason: Request parameters could not be validated (&cHash empty)