Storage Engine

Why not use InnoDB for the index table?

The storage engine for the index table (tx_kesearch_index) is MyISAM while all other tables use the default InnoDB storage engine. Unfortunately this prevents using ke_search in Galera Clusters.

The reasons are explained below.

If the behaviour explained below does not affect how you use ke_search, you may switch to InnoDB for tx_kesearch_index.

Search for @-character ist not supported

You cannot search for the "at"-Character in InnoDB tables:

InnoDB full-text search does not support the use of the @ symbol in boolean full-text searches. The @ symbol is reserved for use by the @distance proximity search operator.

As a workaround you could add the @ character to the list of additional word characters as explained in Additional word characters.

Phrase search is not supported

Phrase search using double quotes ("my search word") is not supported in InnoDB.