This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Key features

  • event topic records for events that occur more than once
  • searchable front-end plug-in with list view and detailed single view of upcoming events
  • selector widget to filter the list of events in the list view
  • online registration and unregistration for front-end users, including automatic confirmation e-mail and live update of available seats
  • early bird prices are possible
  • categories and target groups for events
  • dependencies between topics, e.g. users need to be registered for “communication” and “speaking” before they can register for “facilitation”
  • “my events” list for logged-in front-end users, showing for which events they have signed up
  • front-end list of registrations for an event (visible to participants and editors)
  • front-end countdown to the next upcoming event
  • back-end module for managing seminars, speakers, organizers, seminar sites, payment methods and registrations
  • front-end editing of event records
  • publishing workflow for events entered in the front end
  • files can be attached to each event
  • CSV export of events and registrations of an event
  • the front-end output is mostly valid XHTML
  • visual design is done using only CSS
  • mostly accessible front-end output, works with the sb_accessiblecontent extension (for version 0.8.0, the extension’s accessibility will be thoroughly checked for accordance with W3C WAI, section 508 and BITV guidelines)
  • currently full German, English, Dutch, Danish, Italian, French and Russian localization, including a switch between formal and informal language (e.g.,“Sie”/”Du” in German)
  • the front-end plug-in can be configured via TypoScript and Flexforms
  • automatic configuration check that quickly leads to a working configuration
  • the code follows the TYPO3 coding guidelines
  • the extension is actively developed
  • is tested with Firefox, Safari and IE7 and 8 (if you need IE6 compatibility, this might require additional work on our side)